Sunday, September 12, 2010

Selamat hari raya!!

HEY HEY HEY!! my bloggie babies!!!! slamat hari raye maaf zahir dan batin yaww!!! sori for the super late update..:)) its been so stressfull these few weeks.. with raya here already and my wedding coming up.. ouh gosh.. i wanna faint!!

well.. haixx sadly this yr couldn't celebrate with my ♥! haix... but no matter, by nxt raye, we'll be married and hopefully a child on tha wae.. lol!! well this yr raya, we balik kampong geng!! woo.. it was damm shiok but arg food poisoning struck!!

warning to all jgn mkn ayam pensen!!! its.. hmm depends on yo tummy.. lolx...
ok todae jus a short one.. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010


i'm sorry hubbie for the way i acted just now.. i didn't mean to hurt u with my words and with my obsession with the past.. not once in my life hav i ever regretted meeting u, falling in love with you and now finali our future is just a stone throw away.. lets not let this minute stuff get in the way..

i love euu 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

i'd be good if u'd be my romeo♥

Pretty2 pleaseeee.. i'll be good!!:)

now currently, bf is making a hella lotta noise cos yes!! i did it again.. bought yet another sucky phone!!! i wantd a BB so much but i bought the curve2 instead of the bold!!! arggg nw i super regret!! shit to the max i should hav bought the bold!!!!!!! dammit...

and yea you guessed it.. i decided eff the BB collection.. lets jus get a stinkin i-phone 4GS!.. so nw u see ladies and gentleman.. hw not to nag at me... but yeaa.. i promised him i'd be good! :))

Pending recults...
people sae i gotta be happy n excited.. i'm nervous!!! god help me..

its true what people say, love makes u blind.. but why some ppl gotta act like this?? so what if i'm in cntct with her?? it still dosen't change the fact that its you and only YOU that i wanna be with.. true the past is something that neither one of us are proud of but it made us hu we are today... to a certain degree thank god that my past happened.. yes i've been hurt brought down and abused but it i wouldn't want it anyother way, cos it lead me to meet u.. the most AWESOME thing in my life...

Your my best buddy, my gossip partner, my monkey, my lover, my boyfriend (soon to be ex) and yea my hubbie!!! i don't have a boyfriend cos i have a hubbie.. heehee... You see thru me ouh so easily and without saying a word, u say a thousand words.. by just looking at me u got me in the palm of your hand..

Yes i understand the fear and anticipation going thru your mind but doesen't me saying i love you make any difference? we've been thru a wholotta SHIT but why don't u hav that lil trust on me? yes i hav mood swings and yes i say hurtfull things whn i'm mad but i have never once doubted u and your love towards me.. i'd admit whn the story came out abt *Bleep* i didn't handle the situation appropriately.. i apologise for my reaction.. i should have realised that the past shouldn't judge the way u look at a person and for that i'm sorry..

You of all people should knw hw much i love u and need u in my life.. n yaa if u think that for one sec SHE could sway my love for u.. haahaa.. u gotta be joking.. lets just live by this "the past is fuckedup screw it!!" :))

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hello me bloggie blog blog.. yea yea i missed a daae.. grrrrr!! things have been so effed up nw... so the drama haix.. ouh god give us the strength to see thru those fake ppl hu claim to be family...

time and time again i feel i'm letting him dwn with my lack of judgment of ppl.... makes me wonder why do people like to act?? if u dun like a particular new addition to your "perfect" family, why pretend.. gosh! hw would u feel if somebody gave u false hope??? feels like shit dosen't it?? haixxx.. but no matter, as long as i have HIM by myside, everything is gonna b ok...

whenever i'm with him, everything seems to fall into place.. wadever grudges those irrits hav against me just fade away cos seeing him smile is more then enough for me... i cannot to be his wife.. insya'allah i hope everything goes smoothly n PLEASE no more ppl tryin to ruin or threten me.. pls i dun responds to threts!! like the malay's say, mau brani sini try!! haahaa mcm gangstarr!!!

anyways, jus waitin for him to cum online nw.. till nxtyme...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Virgin entry in my new blog.. ok an introduction of us.. He's Aaanchik and she is Naysha.. only frens knw our names so lets stick to out online names... we're both 21yrs of age and currently are engaged to be married in late oct.. (insya'allah)
He's serving his national service and is posted in brunei while she is a nurse in NUH... we've been a couple for 1yr4mths n counting may not be long for some but we've seen each other at our best and our worse and there is NOBODY that can ever take away what we have..

well what can i say.. its been a long wae since i used to update till i actuali forgot my damm password.. maybe cos lots of shit has been going on that i seem abit distant.. Since he's been away, it has been hard initially but now i realise that he has to go for our future our children and no matter what, i'll always standby him till death do us part..

as u cn see frm my recent blog, things have gotten ALOT more worse.. n wat takes the cake, is that he isn't here for me to have a shoulder to cry on.. frankly speaking, this is called the INTERNET where i have all the right in the world to tok abt whatever n huever i wan.. i jus won't mention names as hey i respect their privacy tapi sape mkn chilli rase pedasnyerr!! :))

well i can sae that being my wedding is in abt a mths time, i'm pretty excited... ok2 i'm damm freakin excited lorr.. i hope and pray that THOSE trouble makers will stay the hell away frm it la... i reali got me thinking, why are the most mature of all ppl transform into this immature childish fucktard bastard and start all their bull shit.. like seriously.. u're like 20 over years my senior.. caant u at least maintain your dignity and just stop with the fren dun fren topics.. grr.. SERIOUSLY!!

well its aalmost 10 nw n hubbie hasn't called or come online.. haixxx.. i miss hym...

till nxtyme chikazz: